"He that hath a bountiful eye shall be blessed; for he giveth of his bread to the poor."  Proverbs 22:9 KJV


Find out about the ministry of Albany Helping Hands, it's faith based methods and mission,  it's history and the community of donors and volunteers

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Learn about  more than a  quarter of a century of positive results. Having real day to day  impact on those who are less fortunate and are living on the streets or in the hidden byways.

For a description of services, programs, and facilities at Albany Helping Hands, please check out our web site's What, Who, Programs, Retail and News sections.

Also on this web site breif information on our transitional and training programs, radio interviews, YouTube videos and picture galleries.

Monthly Meals Served

Check out information on some of our fundraisers, the Annual Bridge of Hope Dinner AuctionRadiothon, Christmas Tree Sales, Community Projects. supporters and how to get involved with contributions or by volunteering.

To talk with us  please contact us at 541-926-4036 and ask for Dan Kress or Wayne Oakes.