Our Team

We are from various backgrounds, but all feel passionate about assisting our community of unsheltered people.

Please feel free to reach out and connect with us, whether we can offer you assistance or if you want to get involved with Albany Helping Hands  by volunteering or making a donation.

Phone: (541) 926.4036

email: don@albanyhh.org

Diana Starr- Assistant Executive Director 
Don Sparks- Executive Director

Phone: (541) 926.4036
Email: Diana@albanyhh.org

Trudy Fields- Finance Manager
Dayna London- Bailey Home Manager

Phone: (541) 926.4036
Email: Dayna@albanyhh.org

Ray Cooper- U-Haul & Woodlot Manager

Phone: (541) 791.2172
Email: Cooper@albanyhh.org

Terra Trujillo- Kitchen Manager

Phone: (541) 926.4036
Email: Kitchen@albanyhh.org

Troy Hooper- Office Assistant/Resource Coordinator

Nichole Robertson- Thrift Store Manager

Phone: (541) 926.4036
Email: Troy@albanyhh.org

Phone: (541) 791.5139
Email: Thriftstore@albanyhh.org

Jeff Fields- Property & Intake Manager

Phone: (541) 497.9756
Email: propm@albanyhh.org

Bob Anderson- Maintenance Manager

Phone: (541) 926.4036
Email: Bob@albanyhh.org

Looking for COMPASSIONATE PEOPLE to join our team!

Preferred Language Guide - Person First

People experiencing homelessness are individuals first with unique personalities, strengths and challenges. No one wants to be lumped into a stereotypical group as though a generality can adequately or accurately describe one's individuality. For this reason, we use "person first language" when discussing the topic. We invite you to also use person centric language when describing individuals experiencing homelessness whether communicating verbally or in writing. This approach will help us recognize all people as individuals first and will show all people respect.


People first means that we describe or mention the person first...then use a descriptor – people experiencing homelessness or someone who is unsheltered or unhoused. This is a good idea when talking about people experiencing any challenge (health challenges, developmental disabilities, financial difficulties, etc.).