Bunk Bed Replacement Project

Jim Willhight, Albany, Oregon

Albany Mennonite Church Pastor Meagan Good and AHH Chaplin Jim Sapp

Albany Mennonite Church Pastor Meagan Good and AHH Chaplin Jim Sapp

All of the old beds will be replaced by the end of August

All of the old beds will be replaced by the end of August

Pastor Megan Good from the Albany Mennonite Church was by the shelter just before the Memorial Holiday weekend to meet with Albany Helping Staff, shelter guests and Jennifer Moody.

Jennifer Moody is a reporter with the Democrat Herald  and as accompanied by a staff photographer from the local paper.

She was writing a Front Page Article that appeared in the Saturday May 28, 2016 Albany Democrat Herald featured Helping Hands project to replace all of the shelter bed frames.

Fundraising Sucess

The project had a jump start with fundraising late in 2015 with Pastor Good of Albany Mennonite Church, started the donation campaign with a special event.

The event featured a spaghetti feed at the church which took place in mid December. The dinner contributions were well above expectations, raising over $5600.

Bunks Bed Frames being Assembled

Bunks Bed Frames being Assembled

After a write up in December about the event in the Democrat Herald, Albany First United Methodist Church also joined the fund raising efforts. 

Thanks to Pastor Good, the great folks at the church and all who attended or donated to this cause.

AHH Staff: Marcus Frizzell ( left) and Dave Goodman (right)

AHH Staff: Marcus Frizzell ( left) and Dave Goodman (right)

By the end of January 2016, Pastor Megan Good reported that the goal of $13,500 to replace 100 (50 bunk beds) original 10-year-old plus wood 2 x 4 frames with metal frames had been met.

The original wood 2 x 4 frame bunk beds that are a decade plus in age needed replacement which started in Mid-February.

The metal framed beds are wider. stronger and provide better structural support.  

They are provide improved sanitation plus the metal frames have an upkeep and product life advantage.

I would say that we at Albany Mennonite have been thrilled to be able to partner with so many generous people to help raise the standard of living for others in our community.

We believe the lives and dignity of all our local neighbors matter, and we are grateful for the ministry of AHH and others like it who work tirelessly to hold open doors of opportunity and fresh chances.
— Pastor Meagan Good, Albany Mennonite Church

Update Phases

The replacement project was divided into three phases as follows:

  • Phase 1:
    • Replacement of twenty-three bed frames was completed in February.
  • Phase 2:
    • Twenty bed frames arrived just before Memorial Day Weekend.
    • They now have been assembled and painted and have been installed in freshly painted rooms.
  • Phase 3:
    • The remaining twenty bed frames will arrive to be assembled and painted in July.
    • The target date for the project  completion:  "The end of August" according to Dan Kress, Executive Director of Albany Helping Hands.