Increased Need for Seniors

 By: Jim Willhight 

Burned out by Fire

Your contributions helped reduce the trauma of a serious fire for a retiree.

An Apartment fire resulted in a need of housing for a 76-year-old Sweet Home woman.

She had worked hard and has a pension but was without a place to live for the first time in her life.

The stories leading up to the need for support are many. Pastor John stated, “the ratio of elderly or senior citizens is higher than in the past in the last year or two here at the shelter."

Family Troubles

Your donations helped provide a safe and dry bed, plus hot meals for a Salem woman. 

Family discord was a factor resulting in her crisis.  She was a hard worker and has retirement income but was kicked out by her son.

With high rents and lack of affordable inventory, she found it difficult to find housing.  

Your ongoing generosity had an immediate impact on her life.

Thank you for your compassion and trust. Donate today.

PODCAST: To listen to the archived live Radio segment with Jim Willhight interviewing Pastor John where he discusses the increased need for senior housing click here for our Podcast Page.