Your Big-Hearted Donations Enriching Lives- Story of Tammy and Marcus

Tammy and Marcus

Tammy and Marcus

Jim Willhight 

In a recent radio interview, Pastor John Leon (Executive Director) discussed how your generous contributions contributed to the lives of Marcus and Tammy. 

Spoiler Alert. The two are now married and are integral parts of the Albany Helping Hands organization thanks to your generosity. 

Marcus was self-supporting for many years but came to AHH with a housing need as a result of suffering and surviving 12 Heart Attacks.

“Tammy is probably one of the best managers we’ve ever had at the Thrift Store”
— Pastor John Leon, Executive Director.

Marcus was described by Pastor John as “a gentle soul, he is kind to the guests”.

Marcus is now AHH's Property Manager, supervising “roughly 3 million dollars in property assets” according to Pastor John.

Tammy worked for years in Utah providing loving care to individuals. Her dad passed away in 2017 from dementia. She had been his caregiver.

After time with her daughter in Portland, Tammy headed to the Coast. Tammy’s car broke down and she came to AHH for a meal.  She met Marcus and their relationship began.

Tammy now is Manager of our Thrift Store helping to generate over $100,000 per year in sales.  Pastor John stated “Tammy is probably one of the best managers we’ve ever had at the Thrift Store. She's very kind, empathetic, very professional, and very compassionate.”

 Marcus and Tammy recently married, moved into their own apartment and continue as AHH Property and Thrift Store Managers.

Your gift today will impact the lives of folks like Marcus and Tammy. 

PODCAST: To listen to the archived live Radio segment with Jim Willhight interviewing Pastor John where he discusses Marcus and Tammy’s story click here for our Podcast Page.