Emma Deane Appointed as Farm Manager

Albany Helping Hands Executive Director John Leon recently announced the appointment of Emma Deane as Albany Helping Hands Farm Manager.

Emma will oversee the U-Haul, Woodlot, Christmas Tree Lots, and other farm operations located at the “Farm” at 5050 Santiam Highway SE, one-third mile east of Coastal and Walmart on Highway 20.

Emma, tell us a little about yourself.

Emma Deane, Albany Helping Hands Farm Manager

Emma Deane, Albany Helping Hands Farm Manager

I was born and raised in Albany, and it has been a true blessing to be a part of my community.

I spent about ten years working with at-risk youth and learned a lot about early childhood trauma and the effects it can have. My work was fulfilling, and I thought I would work with adolescents my entire career, but God had a different plan.

For the last few years, I have worked with adults who struggle with addiction, mental health and experiencing homelessness.

I never imagined I’d be here, but God knew what He was doing, and I love the path He has put me on. My passion and love for our homeless community started at a young age and has continued to grow throughout my life.

As the Farm Manager, I want to create a safe, loving, encouraging, balanced, and productive environment for our volunteers to thrive in as we continue to build on the solid foundation already laid.

We view each person as an individual and want to build on their strengths.

I strongly believe in coming alongside people, right where they are in their journey, and walking with them while offering the support and skills they need to be whole, healthy, and happy while moving towards self-sufficiency.

I am looking forward to creating such an environment at the Farm. I am beyond excited and grateful to spend my days working hard alongside our volunteers from the shelter and us learning from one another.

Emma Deane

“If you plant a thousand seeds of love and kindness, pain and poison can’t grow here anymore” Unknown