December First Half Rain Summary

The headline twenty four hours ago was to be sun breaks on Tuesday, but with the latest forecast this evening call for alittle chance of rain tomorrow, with rain back by Wednesday afternoon or evening.  Yes the word sun, taken out of the forecast!

How Much Rain

It has rained every day so far this month in Albany.  The first week of December brought us 4.45 inches of rain, with five of the seven days mother nature dumping 1/2 an inch of rain or more on us daily. The wettest day, Monday 12/7, saw 1.66 inches of rain in Albany.  

This week brought us four days of rainfall over 1/2 inch, with the weeks total 4.28 inches, bringing our 14 day total (12/1 - 12/14/2015) to 8.73 inches. Graph below shows our daily rain totals so far this month.