One Down, Two to Go- Albany Storm and Flooding Summary

Yesterday I wrote about the upcoming major winter storms headed our way. Storm number two of  the one, two, three punch of large pacific storms has arrived here in the Mid Willamette Valley.  This morning early risers awoke to a muggy 59 degrees outdoors, cloudy but not raining.  Lights rains started off an on around sunrise and so far we are at 1/4 inch total for the first portion of the upcoming storm rain totals.  Heavy wind and rain is on the way, more shortly.

Storm #1:  2.28 Inches of Rainfall

Storm one which arrived Sunday, ended up filling the Gage to 2.28 inches here in Albany.   The center of the storm track was north of us, resulting in record rainfalls for the Portland area. Of  the storm total   1.74 inches of rain  fell yesterday, primary before 11:30 am when the total since midnight was well over the 1.5 inch.  

Storm #2:  Flood Watch in Effect unto 4:pm Thursday, 12/10

Storm number two is predicted to bring 1.25 inches of additional rain to the 0.25 inch we have accumulated so  far, a projected total storm forecast of 1.5 inches.  The heaviest rainfall is expected to fall from 10 tonight until 9:am tomorrow.

Winds:  The current forecast of Southerly winds sustained 25-30,  with gusts to 44 MPH will continue to 7 am tomorrow (12/9) at which winds will diminish to SW 8 - 12  MPH. 

Storm #3: Some Relief

Number three of the series of tropic born storms is projected to arrive around 10 pm, Wednesday night (12/9).  This storm is projected to bring approximately 0.82 inches of rain. Winds will be less that the previous two storms with gusts remaining under 30 MPH.

Flood Watch

As of this blog posting the Willamette and Santiam Rivers will remain under flood stage.  The Mary's Rivers in Benton County is expected to peak at flood stage.  

Link to a Custom Linn County area Willamette River Gage Summary Dashboard with data on the Harrisburg, Corvallis and Albany Willamette River measurement stations.

Also a a convenience a link to Custom Santiam River Gage Dashboard with data from the Jefferson, Waterloo, Cascadia and Foster gages.

For more information check out yesterday's blog post