Cooling Center Update: Enjoyable Sunshine

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

By: Jim Willhight

After the series of record breaking high temperatures last week, 2015 the "Summer of Heat" is moderating, with an enjoyable  83 predicted later this afternoon.

As I write this blog it's a pleasant 68 with winds 8 miles per hour from the northwest, a beautiful summer morning, enjoyable indeed!

Tomorrow the prediction is for  85 and 86 on Friday. The forecast calls for cooling this weekend with a more typical 80 degree high and the upper 70's next week.  

Note there is NO mention of rain, rain showers, or a chance or any rain through next week. It will continue to by very dry with high fire danger.

With the cooler days the opening of the Albany Helping Hands Cooling Center will be determined on a day by day basis. Check back on this web site and page for updates.


Records Smashed

As of the latest heat streak last week we now have had six days of 100 degrees plus this summer.

Last week's hottest day, Thursday the 30th, saw a peak temperature at a whopping 103.3.  Breaking the daily record, but not the all time record high for Albany.

The day started off with a low of 61 at 6:30 that morning. By 9:30 Thursday morning the thermomitor was at 80 degrees, 90 at 12:50 and surpassing the 100 degree mark at 3:23 that afternoon.

For a four and one-half hour period the mercury (old school term for digital temperature sensor) remained above 100.  It did not dip to 99.9 until 7:58 pm.

At midnight it was still over 80 degrees under the sparking night sky.

On Friday, July 31st we added another to the 100 plus day tally which now was at six triple digit days.

Friday's high:  101.1



Key Information

Cooling Center Status: OPEN

Daily Hours: Noon - 6 pm


Albany Helping Hands

619 Ninth Avenue SE

Albany, OR 97322

Policy: Open if High Temperature is 85 degrees plus.** 


* - All are invited for lunch at 12:00 noon and for dinner at 5:00 pm.

** - Daily high temperature for Albany, Oregon, (123.09572 degrees west longitude, 44.63255 degrees north latitude), National Weather Service Portland, OR, NWS Pinpoint Forecast online.

Hottest Day: July 30, 2015

Warming Center: We will open the warming center again this fall and winter as needed.  

Two winters ago, in December 2013, it reached a record low of 4 degrees in Albany. The warming center was open 24 hours a day with the temperature below freezing all day long.

Generally the warming center is open overnights from 8 pm to 8 am but will remain open on below freezing days.