The Bailey Home - For Women with Children

Each family that comes through the Bailey Home doors, comes to us with great need. The struggles and barriers they are trying to overcome would be overwhelming to most, and they do it with kids in tow.


Most of us have family or friends we can depend on. These mothers come to us with very little to no support.

We are often their primary support system. Allison, House Mom for the Bailey Home, “I feel blessed to be part of these women's support system”.

Bailey Home residents come to us from a world of chaos and uncertainty, they crave safety and security for themselves and their children. Allison shared, “Recently, I had a child who would follow me as I went through the house to lock every window and door. This nightly ritual of reassuring them they were safe helped this child sleep better. It is heartbreaking having nightly talks with a child to reassure them they are in a safe place”.

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​Interested in helping create a safe a place for our Bailey Home mothers and children to heal and begin a new life? By going to our donate page, you can donate to help fund this program or send an email to to request our WE NEED THESE ITEMS DONATED list or learn about volunteer opportunities.