Albany Helping Hands and Linn-Benton Food Share have joined in a joint project utilizing the Albany Helping Hands Farm.

  • Description:   This program encompasses all farm related activities consistent with planning, sales, maintenance, and purchasing for the successful operations of a farm produce retail sales lot.
  • Plan:   The training activities in this plan are provided to develop skills that allow individuals to achieve growth potential and establish work history, with a goal toward obtaining active employment.  This plan encompasses three stages of completion for the volunteer candidate to successfully complete, both prior to moving to the next stage, and ultimately program graduation.  

Stage 1  In this stage the candidate will complete the following outline:  

  • Safety when working around farm equipment
  • How to work with and alongside co-workers
  • Mentoring by a senior farm worker (includes sign off for planting, weeding, cultivating, and watering) 100 hours applicable time to hands on experience.  


  • Stage 2  In this stage the candidate is expected to achieve tasks at a level of skills that show increased responsibility and achievement in technical knowledge.  
    • Safety with farm related equipment, i.e.:  tractors, plows, gas and diesel fueling, operating in a safe manner, and operating skills safety.  
    • Retail sales, meeting the public, what the customer deserves, answering telephone, taking complete messages and information, counting cash, record keeping, communications, and appearance.  
    • Understanding types of farm produce and flowers with some intrinsic values related to culinary or decorative applications.  
      60 hours of on hands on training with a mentoring senior program mentor.
  • Stage 3  This stage consists of the candidate showing measurable professional skills.  
    • They will be able to identify farm produce and flowers, the type of plants, growth cycles, and what environments are conducive to each type.
    • Demonstrate knowledge of culinary applications for different produce types along with certain strains that may be preferred for different types of cuisine.  
    • Deal with customers needs
    • Maintain a presentable appearance
    • Take phone calls and orders
    • Develop ideas for marketing
    • Proficient in equipment operation
    • The candidate will, at this stage, be able to mentor and supervise others in stage 1 or 2 level training, maintain training plan and lead by example.  

At the completion of 100 hours of on the job real life application this candidate will receive a certificate of completion as well as a letter of recommendation by their supervisor.  

A place for growth

Shelter guests farm nine acres of donated land each year.  With the supervision of the Farm Manager, individuals from the shelter are taught how to work effectively as a team member, work safely around farm equipment, and have a complete understanding of farm produce and flowers.  This basically encompasses types of plants, growth cycles, and what environments are conducive to which type.  

Our shelter volunteers are also trained in retail sales, meeting the public, counting cash, record keeping, and communication.  

The training activities provided are to help develop skills that allow individuals to achieve their growth potential and assist towards obtaining active employment.  

All sales from the Farm go for the running and maintenance of Albany Helping Hands Shelter.  Any Surplus produce are contributed to other programs, such as Linn-Benton Food Share, Salvation Army, St. Mary‘s Church, Gleaners, and other shelters.