On a New Path- Allen’s Story

The following is a blog submission from Allen, a Shelter Guest at Albany Helping Hands.

Hi, my name is Allen. At one time I was a different person than today. I was in a state of anger. Getting into fights, lacking respect for authority, and generally rebellious. That and other issues landed me in prison for a few years.

When released to Linn County Parole and Probation, I ended up being housed at Albany Helping Hands. They offered me the time and trust to put together the person I want to be. I’ve been entrusted to become Kitchen Supervisor and build relations with people I value and are a positive influence

I love cooking and preparing meals for Albany Helping Hands and anyone who comes in hungry.

I take great pride in using my talent while learning more. For me, Culinary work has given me purpose, and I take it seriously. I have learned and have the opportunity daily to do meal planning, cost control, food storage and handling, legal requirements, and take pride in our inspection ratings for a clean, healthy, and productive kitchen.

I desire to be able to help others from despair and have the life they should have.

I have also learned a great deal about people, and how every individual has a purpose, myself too. I am a changed person with a second chance at a different life, and I work hard to build on that. Had I gone to another shelter that lacked the life skills support structure that AHH has, things could be very different. AHH has been my lifeline in a stormy sea.

Thank you for reading my story. Allen