Update: January 2016

From Dan Kress, Executive Director

What a great time for Albany Helping Hands with all the support from the community, each and every one of you.

You have helped achieve so much at Albany Helping Hands, allowing us to provide for people in need. Major needs that were met with generosity of the community in 2015 include:

•    New ovens
•    Mattresses and covers
•    Tires and vehicle repairs
•    Plumbing repairs
•    Ice machine replacement

Well speaking of generous contributions, we need to replace our wood 2 x 4 bunk beds with metal frames.

Thanks to Pastor Meghan Good and several other churches donations we will start replacements around February 15th.  For more information, view “Bunk Bed Project”.

Needs Never Stop

Our Keep Warm Woodlot at 5150 SE Santiam Highway is doing abundant business meaning we have a necessity for a hydraulic-gas wood splitter. 

Keeping up with the customer demand has necessitated hand splitting, supplementing the production with the one wood splitter.

Watching the team doing the exhausting job of splitting the over thirty-six-inch diameter log rounds in the rain make is a convincing narrative of why another splitter is need at a projected cost of:  $3000.

The Thrift Store at 705 1st Avenue East needs painting, street improvement and signage upgrades.

We have a staff of guests at the shelter, of about 12 providing support doing pickups, sorting, deliveries, merchandising, tagging, pricing, cleaning and customer service.

The store is entirely operated by guests at AHH providing them with training and time
for planning. A second chance to straightening things out. 

The stores success is important and the facility needs a face lift at an estimated cost of $3500.00.


Please come by and shop with us, we are open Monday through Saturday 10 am till 7pm.  Also please donate unwanted items to the Albany Helping Hands Thrift Store. 

Even with the good news, life goes on. I have heart issues which slow me quite a bit.  As a result, I don’t plan to be at Helping Hands for another Christmas. It's hard to let go here after watching many grow into success.

We thank you for your generosity. Without your backing, Albany Helping Hands would not be here to offer help. Each of you are members of Albany Helping Hands by your generosity and love.

Dan Kress, Executive Director