Update by Dan Kress, Executive Director: June 2016

Albany Helping Hands mission is to extend a hand to those in need. Part of doing so is providing over 2,500 bed nights each month. Without your support, most of our guests housed would be living in the streets, parks, or neighborhoods, with limited ability to rise above their current situation. Our generous donors and supporters help make this happen.
We have recently added additional assistance in coordinating job seekers with needed work resources. We are now harmonizing our activities with other community based resources.  An important part of our philosophy is to offer not only the immediate guest needs but to support change and not enable poor choices. 

We are very fortunate to be in such a supportive community, not only from our individual donors and businesses, but from the administration of the City of Albany and Linn County.

Of course we continue to have needs as time does not hold still. This bodes especially true when it comes to our equipment, tools and infrastructure, most of which is very old.

For example, we are using a borrowed tractor at the farm and fire wood lot which occasionally is not available for use.  We could use one of our own.

It could be an older tractor that we could fix up.  Preferably with a front loader and a three-point hitch. It’s a large thing to ask for but with our mowing, tilling and wood lot use we really need to have one.  

Currently Albany Helping Hands has around twelve people from the shelter that help out at the farm and wood lot as part of their program learning commitment. 

We are serving an average of 250 meals each day, over 80,000 hot meals annually, feeding Shelter Guests and anyone who wants a meal, including families. 

Kitchen items currently needed: stockpots, silverware, plates, bowels and cups.

The biggest necessity: replacement of our old dishwasher, a commercial unit with an auto soap dispensing system.  Cost: approximately $3500. 

Our facilities require the installation of six-bathroom exhaust fans. We have sealed and painted to minimize mold but need to exhaust the humid air. The price: around $1300.

Thank you all for your generosity in making Albany Helping Hands a clean, safe, environment for those in need to find refuge and peace. Each of your donations, no matter what your gift, is positively impacting lives and giving individuals a positively life option.

Thank you,  Dan Kress, Executive Director

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