A Message from Executive Director Dan Kress

Dear generous supporter:

Eighteen years, yes it's hard to believe that for 18 years now Albany Helping Hands and our supporters in the community, have been actively supporting getting people in desperate circumstance a chance to get back on their feet. 

Dan Kress

Eighteen years ago Pastor Les Bailey had a dream to walk the walk about being Christian and not just talk the talk. He together with the people, churches and business’s in Albany and Linn County decided we could do better and so begin a process of caring about those that are seemingly society's throw a-way's. 

Today Albany Helping Hands has grown to a 110 bed facility serving about 7,000 meals a month to anyone in need.

Additionally, AHH partners in the community with Samaritan Health Services, Linn Co. Parole and Probation, Linn Co. Mental Health, Linn Benton Food Share, United Way, Albany Adult Education and others to help bring services together.  Also of course the people of Linn County. the City of Albany and the city and county leaders for not only assisting us in these efforts but offering guidance and advice.

I personally have been fortunate enough to be able to be a small part in this for the last eight years or so. Looking back on this time I can honestly say I have learned from the people we serve. Having come from the Semi-Conductor industry to social type work was an I opener to me. I had never been in a Shelter in my life and the first shock I had was finding out that some of the people held either full or part time jobs. 

Secondly after hearing many of the people talk about their childhood and upbringing, I realized how lucky I was in respect to the abusive trauma many endured at a very young age, not mentioning those that have become addicted to drugs and alcohol.  We have done well and I have several stories of people who have been successful and several who fail. The one main thing is those people generally thank us for providing a clean, safe structured environment to give them a chance if they choose. 

Even with these successes we struggle often to keep our heads above water while trying to improve what AHH stands for as beacon of hope but responsible in the community. Our purpose in not to enable living in despair but to help people who capable of it to get out of the cycle they are in.

With that Eighteen years is a long time, and AHH can count in the hundreds of people we have been able to help either in the short term or at length. 

So we are asking on this Eighteenth Year Anniversary for additional funds that will secure resources for us to continue the good work that people have been doing in Albany and Linn County. 

Will you please support our work and continue to improve our services with your donation, helping us raise the Eighteen thousand dollars in eighteen days.

  • Our Goal:  Raise $18,000 over 18 Days for our 18th Anniversary

  • When:  September 18th – October 5th, 2016

  • Mail donation to:  PO 2252, Albany, OR 97321

  • You can make an online donation here

  • Phone in your donation:  541-926-4036

It may seem like a lot of money however when we consider an avg. population of 90 people or 2700 bed nights a month as opposed to incarcerating someone in prison or jail.

AHH costs are about $11.00 dollars to feed and give someone a bed each night. As opposed to the $76.00 per night according to the last figures I saw from Oregon DOC on incarceration. 
Of course the state has many more requirements and restrictions than we do and they do a great job, as do the Albany Police Department, the Linn County Sheriff's Department and the Oregon State Police.  

But as a taxpayer doesn’t it make more sense both in lives and dollars to support a more cost effective solution that also looks at longer term help and getting people to stand on their own two feet so they don't have to depend on others. 

Of course we are not perfect in our support and follow up and that is partly why we ask for this support from you. To not rest on where we are at but to continue to improve our weaker areas so we can have more successful outcomes.

A life saved through change is a beautiful thing as God created all of us and He is in all of us.
Please support us.