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Albany Helping Hands Thrift Store
This business is run by our Shelter residents and community volunteers.

The Albany Helping Hands Thrift Store is one of our enterprises that offers on the job training.  This program encompasses all thrift store related activities such as sales, maintenance and purchasing for the successful operation of this business.

When you patron AHH Thrift Store, you are helping meet needs in our community by generating funds to provide shelter, meals and other essential services through Albany Helping Hands. THANK YOU.

Donation Pickup Services
Regular Pickup
  • Approximately a 3-4 week wait period before our truck can pick up your donated items.
  • We can only accept items that fit our donation guidelines. Click here for a list of items we CANNOT accept.
  • Items must be located outside of the home or in a garage/covered area.

To schedule a pickup call:
(541) 791.5139 or send an email to


Priority Pickup
  • Pickups within 48 hours.
  • Any and all items accepted. All eligible items are donated to Albany Helping Hands Thrift Store while remaining items are ethically disposed of.
  • Item retrieval from anywhere including within residence or storage unit.
  • Disassembly of items that need it (except doors, cabinets and lighting).
  • Fee reflects the operating costs and is much smaller than the usual moving company or junk hauler (fee is not tax deductible).



We are located at 705 First Ave SE Albany |  We are open Monday - Saturday 9 am to 5 pm

Phone: (541) 791.5139     

50% Discount Days:  Tuesdays for those over 60 |  Thursdays for Veterans
We accept donations for the Thrift Store, at the Thrift Store Monday - Saturday from 9 am to 5 pm
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