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Volunteer Opportunities

We are always looking for COMPASSIONATE PEOPLE to volunteer and help meet our community's needs:

Here are few ways you can get involved and spread love while meeting needs:

  • Watch our Facebook page or website for immediate needs of items or services

  • Gather items to meet cold or hot weather needs

  • Financially donate on a regular basis or give seasonally

  • Collect items for our Christmas gift ministry

  • Take on a service project; painting, repairs, landscaping, meal prep/service, etc.

  • Volunteer on a weekly basis in our kitchen, at our Bailey Home, or call for other options

  • Walk alongside someone on their journey from homelessness to having a home outside the shelter

  • Provide transportation to medical appointments, pick up prescriptions, be a health advocate

  • Volunteer at our Thrift Store or Woodlot to help bring in funds for our shelter and meals programs

  • Have an idea? We would love to hear it!

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